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The territory served by the Watershed Conservation Authority covers dynamic landscapes encompassing most of the San Gabriel Mountains down to the ocean across some of the most urban parts of the United States. This includes large, diverse populations in many distinct and culturally rich communities, in a region also recognized as an ecological hot spot for the diversity of wildlife and for the importance of conservation.

The scope of our work involves projects that conserve, preserve, improve, and restore landscapes for natural functions and passive recreation. This includes many different activities: trails for hikes, bikes, and horseback riding, access to nature, interpretation, spaces for wildlife, and spaces for people to gather or rest. Resource conservation is also central to our work: promoting wise water management, species diversity through healthy plant communities, and active multi-modal transportation for cleaner air and stronger connections throughout the places we live. We collaborate to plan, design, implement, maintain, and promote stewardship of land vital for both community and environmental wellbeing.



What You Can Learn at Our Parks

Education is an important component of WCA parks and trails. The signs below show visitors some natural phenomena to look for at our parks, as well as information about watershed health, cultural history, and wayfinding. Browse through the signs for each project below. Did you learn something new? 

Parque Dos Rios

River Park

Walnut Creek Nature Loop