Los Angeles River Ranger Program

Establishment Plan

The Los Angeles River Ranger Program Establishment Plan was developed in response to Assembly Bill 1558 (C. Garcia), which tasked the two State Conservancies with Los Angeles River jurisdiction, the San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy and the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, to develop a program to provide a network of river rangers who assist the public at sites along the Los Angeles River and its tributaries. The bill was enacted to address river-adjacent communities’ limited contact with the Los Angeles River, as well as coordinate with current revitalization plans working to enhance and increase ecological, social, and recreational opportunities along the Los Angeles River.

Work began to implement AB 1558 in January 2018 and was completed May 2019. The River Ranger Plan was developed by a stakeholder and community-driven process to gain an understanding of how a River Ranger Program could help meet community needs. Representatives from 22 cities along the Los Angeles River and one mile up the tributaries, federal, state, and county agencies, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that do work along the River guided overall development of the program framework and components. The Conservancies also partnered with fourteen local NGOs, who attended 51 community events and collected 3,820 surveys.


The Plan and accompanying appendices can be viewed here.