Mount Baldy Wilderness Preserve

Mount Baldy Wilderness Preserve is located off Mt. Baldy Road within a few miles of the historic mountain summit, along the border of Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties in the Angeles and San Bernardino National Forests. The preserve was acquired by Watershed Conservation Authority in 2014 to protect significant natural and scenic resources and critical wildlife and landscape connections to adjacent public lands owned and managed by the USFS. The preserve protects part of a 20-mile reach of San Antonio Creek, whose natural streambed reflects an unmodified flood regime. The preserve is flanked on the East and West by the Cucamonga and Sheep Mountain designated Wildernesses, both of which are habitat for big horn sheep.



Mount Baldy Wilderness Preserve is the location of trailheads for popular trails. (Read hike reviews here). 


Invasive Species Management

In 2021, WCA received a grant through the River and Mountains Conservancy’s Wildfire Prevention Grant Program for removal of invasive Broom at the Preserve. Invasive Spanish broom (Spartium junceum) is a rapidly growing species which increases fuel loads, displaces habitat for native wildlife, and interferes with public safety and enjoyment of this preserve. Inland Empire Resource Conservation District prepared an Invasive Species Management Plan for the preserve which outlines areas for broom removal, recommendations for removal, treatment, and monitoring, and describes additional considerations for protecting nesting birds, water quality, and native vegetation. Removal of this invasive species is anticipated to begin in fall 2022.