Deadline extended to August 5: Revised RFP for Baseline Dry Season In-Channel Vegetation Mapping in the Los Angeles River

The Watershed Conservation Authority (WCA) has extended the deadline to receive proposals from qualified firms to provide baseline dry season in-channel vegetation mapping in the Los Angeles River as part of the Los Angeles River Environmental Flows Study Supplemental Analysis. The mapping will contribute important baseline data on in-channel ecology in the Los Angeles River that may inform the regulation of minimum flows from upstream water reclamation plants. 

The selected consultant will establish a methodology to elucidate biological processes occurring under current conditions, demonstrate prior experience working with urban ecosystems and processes, demonstrate interest in identifying opportunities for in-channel habitat restoration, demonstrate capacity to complete the work within the requested time frame, and will frame the work to inform future management decisions regarding minimum flow levels in the Los Angeles River.

Mapping should cover both the Upper and Lower Los Angeles Rivers using a consistent methodology. Applicants may propose whether they will survey the entire river, or only select portions. Budgets should not exceed $20,000 for the Lower Los Angeles River and $30,000 for the Upper Los Angeles River. These contracts are anticipated to be managed by WCA and Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA) respectively.

To be considered for award of contract, proposal submittals must be received by WCA by 6:00pm, August 5, 2021. Please submit digital copy of proposal to [email protected] with the subject line: Flows Study Bio RFP.

The final date to submit questions and requests for clarifications has passed, and responses are included as Addendum 1 to this RFP found here. Please also note the following clarification:


Expenditures, including certain reimbursable expenses such as travel, as well as Indirect and Overhead, are limited to the funding sources’ policies and guidelines for the resultant agreement.  This includes, but not limited to, the grant and contracting policies of the State of California, Proposition 1, the State Water Resources Control Board, RMC, and SMMC. Proposed budgets with indirect and/or overhead line items shall not cumulatively exceed 10% of the proposed budget. 

Applicants who have previously submitted should submit a revised proposal if the previous proposal did not meet this requirement.

It is recommended that potential proposers inform WCA of their intention or interest in responding to this RFP. Such notification will allow for any supplemental information regarding this solicitation to be provided.

The complete RFP is found here.