Special Use Permits

Some uses of WCA properties require a Special Use Permit Application. If you would like to use any WCA properties for any of the purposes listed below, please reference and fill out the linked application and return them to the WCA office.

Some uses that require a Special Use Permit include:

  • Access to publicly closed areas or properties
  • Commercial filming activities
  • Commercial still picture activities
  • Events with 20 or more people expected
  • Live music entertainment
  • Weddings, quinceaneras, or other ceremonies
  • Fee collection (donations, admissions, concession, or merchandise sales)
  • Vehicular traffic interference and/or closing of interior roads and/or adjacent public streets
  • Use of amenities other than their specified recreational use
  • Any aviation ascent or descent into a WCA property


Click on the following titles to download the documents (pdf files):

  • WCA Special Use Permit Application Form (1 page)* 

    *The Permit Application Form must be saved to your computer and opened with a PDF viewer to digitally complete the form and use the 'Submit by E-Mail' and 'Print' buttons.


If you are not sure if a Special Use Permit is required for a use that you are considering, or if you have other questions relating to Special Use Permits, contact the WCA or call us at (626) 815-1019. Please be prepared with a description of the property and specific locations for use, so that we can direct you to the appropriate property manager. 

Any person using WCA property for a use that includes any of the above mentioned criteria must have the original signed Special Use Permit in their possession and shall display such permit at the request of any employee of the WCA or of the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA), or any peace officer. No person shall violate any term, condition, or limitation of any such permit.