RFP - Biological resources survey of WCA's 'Vasquez Overlook' property in the Azusa foothills

The Watershed Conservation Authority (“WCA”) is seeking proposals from qualified entities to conduct a biological resources survey of WCA’s “Vasquez Overlook” property, situated in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains north of Azusa [Assessor’s Parcel Number: 8684-024-001]. Services requested include wildlife and vegetation surveys, vegetation communities mapping, and documenting observed and potential species of conservation interest. The results are to be compiled into a report that includes resource management recommendations and evaluation of site potential for uses such as mitigation banking and public access.

The requested services are to occur during the spring and fall of 2020. The survey and resulting recommendations will inform other planning efforts currently in progress, such as WCA’s prioritization of additional conservation lands in the San Gabriel Mountains foothills for acquisition.

WCA invites the submission of proposals that are responsive to the requirements of the attached request for proposals (RFP). To be considered for award of contract, proposal submittals must be received by WCA by 3:00pm, March 2, 2020.

Questions regarding this RFP are welcome and shall be submitted to: [email protected] by 3:00 pm February 20, 2020. Note that WCA will share responses to questions and requests for clarification with other potential proposers through e-mail and the WCA website at https://www.wca.ca.gov/rfps

It is recommended that potential proposers inform WCA of their intention or interest in responding to this RFP. Such notification will allow for any supplemental information regarding this solicitation to be provided, including addenda and responses to questions.

Download the full RFP here.

Below are responses to questions regarding this RFP: 

Q: Can proposers see the initial prioritization study by TPL?

A: WCA will share this draft work with the contracted consultant. Work performed as a result of this RFP will inform continued refinement of acquisition prioritization.

Q: Can we get a copy of the biological report for the Vasquez I parcel?

A: Proposers wishing to see the draft report may write to [email protected] to request a copy. This draft should not be circulated, since text edits are currently in progress.

Q: Is there a maximum budget for the scope of services requested?

A: Though funding is limited, no set budget has been established.

Q: The RFP requests evaluation of the site for potential uses such as mitigation banking. Could we please get clarification on the type of mitigation banking? For example, could the site be used to establish a mitigation bank for purposes of selling species/habitat/waters credits?

A: WCA would like the consultant to make recommendations on whether any specific approaches to mitigation would be feasible and potentially beneficial to WCA.

Q: Does WCA have permission to access the Vasquez II property via the trail on the parcel immediately to the south? Is there any public access to the property currently?

A: There is not currently public access via the gate at Hilltop Drive, however, WCA will arrange access through this gate for the contracted consultant upon 48 hour notice.