Azusa Springs Water System

Video of Azusa Springs Water System:


March 12, 2021
From Jim Hogue (Praxis Automation):

The filtration system is finally ready for normal operation. McMorr did not show up the week I was there, so I am going to have to set up a zoom meeting. Fortunately, I was able to meet up with Jeremy and we made video notes for you on the system.

As we discussed before, the hypochlorate will need to be replaced and the pump will need to be set to deliver the amount of dose needed to sanitize your system. McMor stands ready to do that. They will be able to complete the process and test your system for compliance.

We have gained a great deal of knowledge about the unique operational needs of your water treatment system.

  • We know that the well pump at the ranch automatically maintains the level in the finish tank
  • We know that the filtration system operates when the well pump creates flow
  • We know that when the pump is not running, the filtration system goes to standby mode
  • We know that the reclaim tank (to the right of the filter building) needs to have its drain valve slightly open to allow the tank to drain after a backwash. A high level in the reclaim tank prevents the system from backwashing
  • We have found the main inlet valve for the filters and we have closed the bypass. It will no longer be needed
  • The new valves can be serviced. They should only need to be serviced once a year.

I have submitted my invoice. Please let me know when you submit it to be processed and I will start making arrangements for meetings with McMor. I will also begin compiling an operational manual and notes. When payment is received, I will deliver material for the manual, copies of the PLC and HMI programs and a bid for annual valve service and system checkup.

At the moment, we need McMor to set up and check the chlorine residual analyzer, get new hypochlorate in the tank and set its pump to get the proper residual reading to sanitize your system. They should also check and confirm the calibration on the turbidimeters.