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WCA serves communities in our region through the preservation of open space, and through the improvement of access to parks and trails. By working with nature in our plans and projects, we seek to enhance local water resources, native plant habitats, wildlife, and to advance the overall quality of life in both our natural and urban communities.
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    Gateway Greening: Lower San Gabriel River November 23

    The WCA together with North East Trees and Amigos de los Rios will be hosting a community workshop where there will be information about the Gateway Greening Plan at the Camp Fire Long Beach Lodge on Monday November 23rd. The focus will be on the lower San Gabriel River. We will be hearing short presentation from experts about urban greening and active mobility initiatives, with opportunities for questions, group discussions, and mapping to listen to community interests in parks, open spaces, and greenways in and along the Gateway Cities and rivers. Registration is free, and food will be provided!

    Find information about speakers and the event location below.

    Please RSVP, invite other people that may be interested, and participate. Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gateway-greening-plan-san-gabriel-river-tickets-19323598403



    Claire Robinson, Amigos de los Rios | Regional Greening

    Kekoa Anderson, Gateway Cities COG | Gateway Active Transportation

    Mark Lopez, Office of Orange County 4th District Supervisor Shawn Nelson | Orange County Loop

    Ray Thorn, Friends of the Colorado Lagoon | Urban Natural Restoration

    Deborah Enos, Watershed Conservation Authority | Introduction to the Gateway Cities and Rivers Urban Greening Master Plan


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    Coastal Cleanup Day 2015

    Join Heal the Bay for Coastal Cleanup Day This Saturday September 19, 2015!

    This event is hosted every year all over the world: last year drawing 10,000 volunteers locally, and well over half a million people globally to help take care of our waterways. Cleanup sites are not only on beaches. Landscapes everywhere are connected, and water flows from rain, arroyos, streams, and rivers into the ocean. Get out to enjoy and appreciate our amazing natural places, and be part of keeping them clean and healthy!

    Heal the Bay will host over 50 cleanup sites this year, so click on the link above to find a location near you!



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    Anthony Rendon Next Assembly Speaker

     Congratulations Assembly member Anthony Rendon on being elected the next Assembly speaker. See Sacramento Bee article posted below by Jeremy White for more information.


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    Anthony Rendon selected next Assembly speaker


    Assembly Democrats on Thursday voted unanimously to make Assemblyman Anthony Rendon of Lakewood their next speaker. Hector Amezcua Sacramento. 

    Moving to designate a leader with just days remaining in this year’s legislative session, Assembly Democrats on Thursday voted unanimously to make Assemblyman Anthony Rendon their next speaker.

    Speculation about a leadership change spiked last week when Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins, D-San Diego, circulated a pledge asking members to not hold a vote until next January. Term limits require Atkins to give up her Assembly seat in 2016.

    “When it became clear to me that Mr. Rendon had the support of his colleagues to be the speaker-designee, it seemed logical to me that we move forward, that we not hesitate, because we need to be focused on the work we have to get done,” Atkins said.

    Caucus members will formally vote to make Rendon the leader in January, Atkins said, and will designate a transition timeline. That means she will remain in charge down the home stretch of a session in which Democrats are trying to pass a far-reaching climate change measure and increase funding for health care and transportation infrastructure.

    “The speaker is Ms. Atkins,” Rendon said. “I anticipate we’ll take a vote on SB 350,” the climate bill, “before Sept. 11, and that will be while she’s speaker.”

    Rendon, a Lakewood Democrat, was first elected in 2012. He said he arrived in Sacramento with a particular interest in the environment and early childhood education, two issues he pursued during previous roles with nonprofit organizations. Under new term limits rules, he is eligible to serve until 2024.

    “In the extended term-limited era, we have the opportunity to accomplish a vast array of different things,” Rendon said.

    Earlier this year, Atkins tapped Rendon to lead the powerful Assembly Committee on Utilities and Commerce, where he has dealt with utility companies seeking to shape Senate Bill 350’s mandate that half of California’s electricity come from renewable sources by 2030. She said he has served on the caucus campaign team.

    “Mr. Rendon has already had a role” in fundraising, Atkins said.

    He was instrumental last session in crafting a $7.5 billion water bond that ultimately won voter approval and carried a bill that will ban lead bullets in California as of 2019.

    When Rendon assumes power, both houses of the California Legislature will be controlled by Latino, Los Angeles-area lawmakers. His Senate counterpart, Kevin de León of Los Angeles, can remain in office through 2018. A thin strip of freeway separates their districts.

    Rendon’s selection caps a tumultuous week of leadership maneuvering. Senate Republicansunexpectedly voted last week to install Jean Fuller of Bakersfield as their new leader. Days later, Assembly Republicans tapped Chad Mayes of Yucca Valley to take over next year.

    Jeremy B. White: 916-326-5543@CapitolAlert


    Age: 47

    Title: Assembly speaker

    Party: Democrat

    Residence: Lakewood

    Résumé highlights: Executive director, Plaza de la Raza Child Development Services; interim executive director, California League of Conservation Voters; received Ph.D. from the University of California, Riverside; and worked as adjunct professor of political science at California State University, Fullerton.


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    Fox Visitors

    This skulk of young grey foxes have recently been regular visitors at the River Wilderness Park, and came to hang out at the overlook and WCA offices after the last rain. 

    Foxes are members of the dog family. A female fox is called a “vixen”, a male fox is called a “dog fox” or a “tod” and baby foxes are called “pups”, “kits” or “cubs”. A group of foxes is called a “skulk” or a “leash”. 

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