RFP for Mid/Upper San Gabriel River Watershed Spatial Dataset and Concept Development


Notice of Intent to Award Posted January 26, 2023



for Spatial Dataset and Concept Development


Tributaries of the Mid/Upper San Gabriel River

November 29, 2022


The Watershed Conservation Authority (WCA) is requesting proposals from qualified organizations to produce a spatial dataset of hydrologic features of the Upper San Gabriel watershed that have potential for contribution to watershed restoration, as well as concept development for restoration projects in the Upper San Gabriel River.

The dataset is to include tributaries within the urban San Gabriel River Watershed with a focus on neighborhood scale. Such neighborhood scale features include but should not be limited to landscape features with potential stormwater management benefits, such as natural drainages, soft bottom tributaries, historic stream paths, and seeps. Such features will have potential based on hydrologic, geomorphic, historical, or other evidence to contribute stormwater management and habitat benefits in the future and will be used to clarify opportunities and constraints for improvement projects. The dataset is expected to be made publicly available.

Based on identification and mapping of features and in consultation with the WCA local contacts the selected Consultant will develop a minimum of two concepts for potential projects which may include graphic rendering of potential strategies and associated quantifications.


Submittals must be received by WCA by Thursday, January 5, 2023, 5pm.


Request for Proposal (RFP) November 29, 2022

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