RFP: Crystal Lake and San Gabriel Canyon


RFI - 3: Roxana, I am following-up on my telephone message with this email. Can the submittal deadline be extended? Based on the responses below, I need to revise portions of the work schedule and scope sections I have already completed. Our consultant also needs more time to finalize scope and fee on some of the components of the technical reports. Please let me know if we can extend the deadline at your earliest convenience.


RFI - 3 Response: I just received confirmation from the USFS for extending the proposal due date until Friday, September 15th. I will call you when I get a chance.


RFI - 2: I enjoyed learning more about the project at Crystal Lake and San Gabriel Canyon last week and I am glad to see the proposal deadline has been extended. As a follow-up to our telephone conversation, I understand that the project is in partnership with the US Forest Service as outlined in the Request for Proposal document. Can you provide any additional information about project funding, or project budget?


RFI - 2 Response: Currently coordinating with the USFS to provide additional information about project funding and/or project budget.


RFI - 1: Roxana, in the request for proposal under the mandatory contents section, it does not mention fee. However, is noted in the evaluation criteria section, “Fees & budget associated with scope of work.” We assume our proposal is to include a fee. Is this correct? Can you please confirm that the proposals are to be delivered to you at WCA 100 North Old San Gabriel Canyon Road, Azusa, CA 91702? Thank you.


RFI - 1 Response: The following clarifications (italicized in red) have been added to the RFP for the Redevelopment & Enhancement Planning for Crystal Lake Recreation Area and Recreation Master Planning for San Gabriel Canyon.


  • Section 2.3: Proposers must submit six complete copies (five bound and one unbound) and one digital copy of the proposal on a compact disk (CD) to:

Watershed Conservation Authority
100 N. Old San Gabriel Canyon Road
Azusa, CA 91702
Attention: Roxana Marashi


  • Section 3.6: Anticipating award of contract no later than January 22, 2018, following the public meeting of the WCA Governing Board (tentatively scheduled for November 16, 2017). Work plans should target completion of requested services by November 30, 2018.


  • Section 6: The completion of services is requested by November 30, 2018.


  • Section 10.6: Mandatory Contents: Scope of Work associated with fees and budget.


  • Section 11.6.2: Note that the proposal should indicate a contract start date not sooner than January 22, 2018. As a joint powers authority, the WCA will award a contract after board approval is received. The next two board meetings are tentatively scheduled for November 16th, 2017, and January 18, 2018.


  • Section 11.7: Section 7 "Acceptance of Terms and Conditions" shall include a statement affirming the Proposer's acceptance of the terms and conditions contained in this RFP and the attached sample Consultant Services Agreement. Proposer shall also include a statement confirming their proposal remains valid for at least 120 days after the submittal deadline, referred to in section 2.2 of this RFP, and be converted into a contract.


The WCA is requesting that all proposals include a detailed scope of work for all services requested in accordance with the project components, goals and objectives of the United States Forest Service (USFS). The detailed scope of work must include costs associated with each task as well as staff time fees in order to provide an overall budget for the services and deliverables requested by the RFP.


A change and extension has been made as of August 24, 2017. Under Section 3.2 Project Components, Elaborating on Component 4, the following clarification has been made: CLRA does not require a traffic count study, only analysis on vehicle volume at parking lots, picnic areas, and campgrounds during the weekends to identify maximum public use and occupancy of the site during the busy summer and winter “snow play” months.

The Watershed Conservation Authority (WCA) is requesting proposals from qualified organizations and individuals to provide consulting services that will substantially support the production of a development plan for Crystal Lake Recreation Area (CLRA) and a conceptual recreation master plan for the San Gabriel Canyon portion of the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument as described in detail within Section 5 of this Request for Proposals (RFP). Consulting professionals and technical service providers may include, but shall not be limited to licensed landscape architects, civil engineers, biologists, hydrologists, natural resources planning professionals, environmental scientist, and transportation planners.


Find the full RFP here.

Submittals must be received by WCA before 3:00pm, September 15, 2017.

A beneficial site visit will occur on August 23, 2017 at 11:00 am. Please see the RFP Section 2 for more details.