Connecting Communities through Nature

The first Junior Ranger Program hosted by the Watershed Conservation Authority in partnership with California Native Habitat Endowment Fund was a great success thanks to a grant from 3M Corporation. The program engaged local community youth and extended families in watershed related activities over three weekend days throughout the month of March 2015. To realize program goals, the Watershed Conservation Authority (WCA) collaborated with the Mountains and Rivers Conservation Authority (MRCA) rangers to provide instruction at events and build the program content.

This partnership capitalized on the ranger's experience with similar programs they provide for the Habitat Authority in the La Puente Hills and elsewhere. The Jr. Ranger program provided young people with an opportunity to directly engage with rangers and experience a rich series of hands-on craft and learning activities.


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The Junior Ranger Program provides a safe and inviting atmosphere for people to get outside, learn about and appreciate the natural world, and how to be better stewards of the land.


Goals of the program:

  • Increase exposure and positive experiences with the natural world
  • Promote understanding of conservation and our roles in the environment
  • Develop skills and knowledge necessary for wise decision making and land stewardship
  • Help to forge a sense of pride and respect for the environment while team building
  • Provide opportunities for interactions with Park Professionals and ways to educate others about nature.


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