Connecting Communities through Nature


Extending along a 1-mile stretch of the San Gabriel River, the 31± acre Duck Farm River Park project is a work in progress as the WCA transforms this former Woodland Duck Farm site into an urban greenway like none other in the San Gabriel Valley.

The park, when completed, will reconnect the community with nature and the river through a 1.5-mile trail loop, river overlook, native planting, demonstration garden, dry-stream, picnic area and interpretation. It is our hope to inspire the public, and especially local youth for future generations, to learn more about our watershed, water conservation and sustainability. Native landscaping and a river overlook will connect residents with the natural and historical identity of the San Gabriel River Watershed. While other iconic landscape elements and trailside interpretive stations will inform park guests of the story of green energy from sun, wind, and water sources. The story of water conservation and replenishment will be further revealed at the overlook alongside the San Gabriel River.



The Duck Farm’s transformation started when first envisioned by the Sierra Club in 2001. Working together with the Trust for Public Land (TPL) and the Rivers and Mountains Conservancy (RMC) the property was acquired from Woodland Duck Farms by the WCA. Today the beginnings of the park are already taking shape with the phyto-remediation work of the land transitioning the commercial farm’s soil from nutrient rich ‘duck matter’ to native-plant-ready park landscape. 



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A conceptualized riparian area showcases natural floodplain processes and provides valuable habitat and tree cover for local and migratory birds and other wildlife, while providing a place for park visitors to sit back, relax, and enjoy the vistas. Energy-themed interpretive stations offer fun and kinetic means to observe and learn about the site, the river, green energy, and sustainability.