Azusa Foothills Stewardship Workshops

Watershed Conservation Authority held a series of eight workshops in the foothills overlooking Azusa from November 2022 to January 2023. The suggestions and feedback of community members collected over the course these events are being synthesized into recommendations for building a community centered stewardship and access program for WCA's Azusa Foothills Open Space lands.  Click here for video excerpts from the workshops. 

This series of workshops is part of the development of a stewardship plan for Azusa Foothills Lands funded by a Rivers and Mountains Conservancy grant for acquisition of land for public benefit in the Azusa foothills. Thank you to all our workshop leaders, and to Azusa Beautiful.




Bird Watching 101 and Bird Photography, Nov 5


Raul Roa, Azusa Beautiful

Are you curious to learn more about what birds use our foothills? Join this walking instructional workshop about birding and bird photography. You don’t have to be a photographer to join the fun. The only requirement is your curiosity and a pair of comfortable walking shoes (we’ll go at a leisurely pace).


Think River!, Nov 19


Suzanne Avila, MA

Learn about the collection, movement, storage, and use of water in the San Gabriel River Watershed.

  We are Visible: Local Indigenous History of the Gabrieleño People and their Resilience, Nov 20  

Kevin and Nathan Nunez, Azusa Beautiful

Join us for an immersive journey into the lives of the Gabrieleño people as we retrace their stories, lived experiences, and cultural practices. Learn how they are working to preserve and protect the last remaining natural spaces of their people: The San Gabriel Mountains.


Hiking with California Native Plants in the San Gabriel Mountains, Dec 3


Brenda Kyle and Michael Garcia, Azusa Beautiful

Join a Certified California Naturalist to learn about hiking tips, plants, wildlife, microclimates, and the ethics of hiking in the Urban Wildlands Interface.

Suzanne_Avila_r.jpg   Canyon City Heritage: Asuksa-gna to Present Day Azusa, Dec 7

Suzanne Avila, MA

Explore the cultural geography of Azusa Canyon and the San Gabriel River.


Nature as a Wellbeing Intervention: Caring for our Azusa Open Space Can Care for You Too!, Dec 10


Elizabeth Renteria, LCSW

Join us for reflection and mindful awareness activities while we visit the Azusa Open Space. Gain a new appreciation for local biodiversity and learn how protecting the land and community wellness go hand in hand.


La naturaleza como una intervención de bienestar: ¡Cuidando a nuestro espacio natural de Azusa puede ser cuidado para usted también, enero 21


Elizabeth Renteria, LCSW

Venga a participar en actividades de reflexión y conciencia plena mientras vistamos la  área natural de Azusa.  Obtenga una nueva apreciación de la biodiversidad local y aprenda cómo protegiendo la tierra y el bienestar de la comunidad van de mano.


It's Still the Stone Age! Jan 7


Suzanne Avila, MA

Learn about the past, present, and future of sand and gravel mining in the San Gabriel River Watershed and opportunities for change from mining to reclamation.