2012 Draft Strategic Plan and Vision Report

From the introduction:


The WCA Strategic Plan and Vision Report (Report) is not a strategic plan for the organization.  Instead, it provides a staff level review of WCA projects, programming, priorities, and organizational structure.  Its purpose is to provide a business plan framework that: (1) defines what the WCA does and wants to do; (2) establishes an independent external perception and reality; and (3) provides a map for a sustainable and stable regional agency.  The Report considers opportunities for short- and long-term development, operation and programming of parks, trails, and open space, and habitat enhancement.  It identifies target areas and reviews organizational structure, funding sources, and partnerships that can enable the WCA to integrate regional watershed open space principles and WCA priorities, goals, and objectives.  It also looks at opportunities to leverage WCA properties, projects, and interests in the surrounding region for added-value and economies-of-scale through WCA involvement in planning, design, programming, and/or land use management activities related to the creation, operation and support of multiple use recreational and watershed-friendly resources.


Complete 2012 Draft Strategic Plan and Vision Report [85 pages, 1.04 mb]


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1. Introduction [3 pages, 272 kb]

2. WCA Today [10 pages, 321 kb]

3. Envisioning the Organization [11 pages, 336 kb]

4. Planning the Future [6 pages, 269 kb]

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